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Weekend Getaway – Sanddrif at Dwarsrivier, Cederberg

There are few places that are repeat visits for our family, simply because of the number of places that we want to visit in our area. However, both my husband and I have visited Sanddrif on a number of occasions over the past 30 years so or, both each independently with family and friends and then as a married couple; and although we don’t visit nearly enough, it does remain one of our favourite places to relax and recharge.

Where did you say it was?

Sanddrif Holiday Resort is found on the farm Dwarsrivier, right in the middle of the beautiful Cederberg mountains. Since it is in the middle of the mountains, there is also no cell reception. So you are forced to unplug and just relax, just what our family needed. It is a bit of a drive (we did it in about 3 and a half hours), so ideally you would want to leave home just after the kids finish school on the Friday afternoon.


Although we have spent time over the years in the chalets (Protea Heights, the Planets and Die Stal are all highly recommended, so basically all the options are highly recommended), this time we decided to do the camping thing since this is what we do. The campsite was green and lush, being situated on the banks of the river, with ample space for the kids to play. The ablutions were clean and comfortable. Water was fresh. Oh, and there was electricity for those who needed it.

Campsite at Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg

Things to do

As I said, we have been there many times over the years, so have done a lot of the active activities on offer. We have climbed the Wolfberg cracks, walked to the Maalgat (no, I have never made the jump, I’m waaaay too much of a bang-broek for that) and have made our way along the Disa Pools trail. We have visited the bushman paintings and convened at the Stadsaal. This time though, we decided for forgo all of that and focus on 3 of the more laid back activities on offer:

Wine tasting at the Cederberg Private Cellar

aka home of Cederberg wines.

Wines with Altitude - Cederberg Private Cellar - Stacy van Zyl Photography
Wines with Altitude!

I lost count of how many wines we tasted, but I do know that we bought a few bottles to bring home with us and that we are going to have to find a supplier in Cape Town because they are DAMN GOOD! I myself was quite partial to the cab sav…. although I don’t know much about wine, I know that that was my favourite one! There sparkling wine is also delicious.

Wine tasting at Cederberg Private Cellar
15. We tasted 15 different wines…

Craft beer tasting

Beer tasting at Cederberg Private Cellar
Beer tasting with a view!

I skipped this one because: too much wine. Also, I’m not a beer drinker. So there’s that. The rest of our group really enjoyed it though and highly recommended this activity.

Beer tasting Chatterbox at Cederberg Private Cellar
I feel as if I were going to drink beer, then this is the one that was made for me!

Stargazing at the Observatory

If you are lucky enough to be there on the nights that the observatory is open, it’s worth a visit. We learned about Scorpio and how to determine true south. We also got to see Jupiter and stars from another galaxy (don’t ask me what it was called) from some of the telescopes they had set up. The observatory is completely non-profit and runs purely on donations, so keep that in mind when visiting. A few other things to bear in mind:

    • it starts at 8pm. Please don’t be late because the lights from your car will distract everyone
    • Even though the area is known for being very very hot during the day, there are seasons when it is still chilly at night. Remember to dress warmly and take a blanket with you
    • It can get quite busy with everyone wanting to look through the telescopes. Be patient and considerate of one another. And don’t jump the queue!

But did you relax?

We spent the rest of the time chilling in the river,Chilling in the river at Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg playing with the kidsGame of Uno - Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg

Play time at Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg

and just being plain old lazy.

My ideal getaway, really!

Hubs has a hammock that comes along with us on all camping trips, so some of the lucky ones even managed a catnap, swaying in the breeze under the trees.Nap time at Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg

We also ate way too much – braai and beer bread are always winners! It also tastes just so much better when camping too, doesn’t it?!Braai time at Sanddrif, Dwarsrivier, Cederberg I’ll share the beer bread recipe with you if you want – it really doesn’t get any easier than this one!

In short

If you are looking for a break away from the stresses of day to day city life, Sanddrif really is an excellent option! There is more than enough activities to keep everyone entertained, with having more than enough relaxation options available too – I think that’s a win-win!

Until next time,

Stacy - Sawdust and High Heels


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